First Dev Log

This is a first dev log.
I don't know what to write here. I have exported the game to Windows, Mac and Linux. If you didn't know this game was first released for Android and then for IOS.

The controls are mobile yet. But I will change it in the future updates.
The Mac and Linux have some limitations. For example, the user maps will have problems with lighting and materials because they were built for windows and I need to rebuild them for Mac and Linux. The problem is that users who created these maps lost the source project. So I cannot rebuild them....
But other than that everything should be ok. There is no ads or paid items. I think it is better to play these versions than to use emulators :)

Files 117 MB
Version 0.65.734 Apr 14, 2020 157 MB
Version 0.65.737 Apr 15, 2020 161 MB
Version 0.65.737 Apr 15, 2020

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the devlog is a log of updates @vitsum

Can u add like a weild tool or something like that because it is realy use full especialy if you acidently remove somethine and u could just weild it back a hpoe u guy ad it in the future up date, Thank you! (sorry for the mispell i sometimes dont know the spelling of SOME english word)

Is it possible to share my android builds to pc? 

it needs to be updated my creation on android are better then pc tho it runs smoother on pc but if it had the latest update it be super smooth and now with pc version u can test welding